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We have secured some of the top coaches from all sports to come and talk and answer question you might have.

Topics include:

*Power of being a open minded in Coach/Athlete (Vince Strefling one of the top volleyball coaches in area and head coach at Glen Oaks College.)

*"THE ZONE" - How to prepare to put your self in it! (Chris Glisson owner of the Lake Michigan Admirals Professional basketball team)

*How to get over the fear of failure! (Josh Hood one of the winningest basketball coaches in Michigan. Head basketball coach and assist principle Brandywine High School)

* How to TRULY believe in your capabilities! (Rico Swanson - MVP and winner of 2 National College Championships and Hall of Fame basketball player)

DATE: December 26, 2016

TIME: 7:00pm to 8:30pm

LOCATION: Performance One Training Center

COST: $12.00

Pre-register: CLICK HERE

Southwest Michigan Sports will also broadcast event on pay per view. More details to come closer to event!



Congratulation Coach Strefling on passing the CSAC testing


Performance One is now a Certified Speed School with camps starting this summer! Look for P.A.S.S (Performance/Acceleration/Speed/Science) dates coming soon!

Master Jump Trainer - certified

To make sure our athletes are not only excelling in all aspects of their training we continue to educate our staff on assuring form and basic skills are established.

  • Core Stability
  • Posterior chain strength
  • Balance between anterior and posterior expressions of strength
  • Hip and Shoulder mobility
  • Coordination and balance
  • Work capacity and overall fitness

These are a few of the components we help improve to limit  non-contact injuries like ankle sprains,pulled hamstrings and even torn ACL's.

P.A.S.S - Speed School Coming Soon!

Clinics to be held at Performance One Training Center and local school/campuses throughout the Midwest!

 Certified Speed & Agility Coaches are uniquely qualified to help athletes get faster and more explosive. They are able to breakdown speed development into a systematized format. The Certified Speed & Agility Coaches work specifically with speed and power athletes, athletes who need to get more explosive and faster, and athletes that need to develop specific components of speed that they need to excel at their sport.

Performance One Athletes

Dr. Bob White - 2016 Heptathlon Champion

Lester Ferguson - Professional  Basketball Germany

Nicholas Waddell - Professional Basketball Argentina

Timothy Johnson Jr. - Professional Basketball England

Troy Taylor - Professional Basketball Canada

Courtney Blackmore - PBA 2x Defensive Player of the Year

Troy Franklin Jr. - Professional Basketball Denmark

Jermaine Middleton - Harlem Globetrotters

Jayden Brown - Up and Coming Professional Tennis Player

Plus over 300 Athletes currently using P1 to take their game to the next level!


Jump/SAQ Training

Jump Training is the best way to improve your game!

On-line All Sport Recruiting Service

Recruiting Profile

Skill Tape/Game footage

Updated Stats

Next Generation Kids Camp Promo

We are excited to introduce our NEW LOCATION at 1720 Terminal Road, Niles, MI 49120.

This 6000 square foot building has a basketball/volleyball training court, weight area, indoor pole vaulting, wrestling mat area and 2000 sq/ft professional turf training area plus tons more!

So if you're looking for the personal attention to take your game to the next level, then we have some of the top instructors in area. We teach everything from the basics to advanced skills in wrestling, volleyball , basketball shooting, pole vaulting, plus more!

For more information on how to sign-up for one of our programs see Training Packages Page!


Our staff is certified in the following areas of training:

  • CSAC Speed Instructor
  • PC 360 Powercore (Arm Action, Hip Training, and Leg Action)
  • AFAA - Personal Training
  • ACE - Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Cancer Fitness Specialist
  • Strength and Conditioning Certified Trainer
  • Plyometric Training Certified
    Vince  Strefling

    Vince Strefling

    Performance One Training

    Phone: 574-222-5138

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    Our Sponsors

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities

    Sponsored by Concept Physical Therapy

    Concept Physical Therapy

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     Concept Therapy provides many services that all P1 athletes can benefit from!  Stretching, gait training, heat treatment, kinesiotaping and sport massage are just few of the options provided by Concept Therapy.
    Sponsored by Krush Volleyball Club

    Krush Volleyball Club

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    Krush VBC is an athletic and educational organization.  They believe the underlying values they teach are fundamental to players’ development as athletes, students, and people. Although one of our goals is to develop teams that will compete for Regional Championships and qualify for National Championships, we recognize the most important lessons we teach extend beyond the gym. The value of hard work is at the heart of everything we teach.



    Performance One Training has agreed to be the sole distributor of Kbands products in Michigan! We are please to join forces with such a great company that helps athletes of all sports achieve their goals! Building power, speed and vertical jump this was a perfect fit for Performance One!